How does the mediation and education aspect of the Program work?

During the first stage mediation component, a mediator is brought in to facilitate mediation upon consent of the parties. To help the mediation process proceed efficiently and in a timely manner, other workers with the program will assist the parties to organise any information they feel might be necessary in the mediation process. An intake worker will be assigned to each of the parties to answer questions and to help the parties with any help or information needed.

If it is felt that the parties may benefit with any educational information, conflict workers will provide such information as part of the parent education component of the program.  Education materials will be delivered through the Program’s on line services or in a classroom setting.

If the mediator is able to get the parties to reach an agreement, then the agreement will be drafted up by the mediator and the parties will then take the agreement to their lawyers for independent legal advice.  If on the other hand mediation is not successful, then the mediator will withdraw his or her services and the second part of the program which involves intervention will come into effect providing there is at least one party consenting to further involvement of the program.