Is there an appeal process if one party does not agree with the findings and recommendations of the conflict resolution team?

If at the time the conflict resolution team releases its final findings and recommendation and one of the parties does not agree with them, then the dissenting party can file an appeal with the program, or alternatively, take matters back to family court at that point. If the application for an appeal is accepted, an appeal will be reviewed by a separate three member review team headed by at least one professional.  There will no cost to any of the parties to file an appeal.  Appeals will be not be a complicated process and information and help will be provided to help those individuals wishing to file an appeal with the program.

In the event of an appeal, the party who is in agreement with the final findings and recommendation can take matters back to the family court if he/she feels that any further delays may result to further harm or injustice, especially to any children who may be involved.