What are the responsibilities of conflict resolution team members when it comes to providing services which may affect any child?

One of the founding principles of the Program is that all workers who work with the family are required to advocate for the best interest of fairness and justice, most notably, the best interest of any child who may be involved in the conflict and being adversely affected by the conflict. This very principle was stated in an official report from the Ontario Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth on March 23, 2017

Anyone who is involved with the Program with respect to services for any child in any manner are required to play a role in advocating for the best interest of the child within the limits of their assigned duties. All children must be seen, heard and their rights and freedoms respected.  The wishes and preferences of children must be listened to and given appropriate consideration.

Giving a child the opportunity to convey their reasonable and age appropriate wishes and preferences independently of their parents in regards to resolving family conflict is considered to be one of the roles of those involved with the child in the Program.  These very principles can be found in the report from the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth to the Ontario Legislature on March 23, 2017.