What is the cost to participants for the Community-Based Family Conflict Resolution Program?

There is no fixed cost for the Program. Fees are dependent on the complexity of each case and costs, if any, are calculated on a case by case basis. Parties with the financial ability to do so are expected to pay for the services they received based on a ratio of their respective incomes. If any of the participants wish to involve the services of third-party professionals, the said participants will be required to pay for these costs in a similar manner as is generally the case in the family court. In some cases, services may be provided through the program on a donation basis.

For families with very limited financial means, every attempt will be made to provide services through the Program using trained volunteer family conflict resolution specialists including third-party professionals if required, at a minimal cost or on a pro-bono basis.  In some cases, volunteer family conflict specialists may only ask for reimbursement of any direct expenses such as vehicle mileage. It is hoped that at some point in the future, government funding similar to legal aid could be available once the significant cost savings to the family court system can be seen by government agencies.