News from July 2018

Punishing and Deterring Self Represented Litigants Using Costs Awards: A Failed Strategy?
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  Published by the Self Represented Litigants Project (NSRLP) In early 2012, I had just begun the research that would later be published in May 2013 as the National SRL Study, and was the impetus for the ongoing work of the NSRLP. I was still a neophyte about the self-representation phenomenon. I had visited the […]

New Ontario Rule on Recording Proceedings is Important Opportunity for Self Represented Litigants
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By Elizabeth Roberts Recently, I stood before a Justice in Ontario Superior Court as a self-represented litigant and obtained permission to record a proceeding on my personal recording device, aka… my cell phone. Had I not learned through the SRL information grapevine that requesting permission to record was an option, I likely would never have […]

It’s shocking how archaic Ontario’s criminal courts are
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‘It’s actually shocking how archaic’ Ontario’s criminal courts are By Jacques Gallant Legal Affairs Reporter Toronto Star Mon., July 9, 2018 Justice Delayed: Part 1 of 3 “I can’t wait any longer.” The defence lawyer has been in court for nearly an hour, and court staff are still unable to locate the “Information” for his […]